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The social history of Wester Hailes

Wester Hailes Farm

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It’s well known that Wester Hailes was built on farmland that had remained unchanged for centuries before the city of Edinburgh finally encroached upon it.  Even in the 1960s, when building was starting to profoundly change the landscape, it was possible to see what the area had originally looked like. 

We had someone looking for photos of the old Wester Hailes farm contact us via the Face book page last week to ask if we had photos of the farm that we could upload.  By the time the Sentinel came into being, the farm was long gone so there are no photos like this in the archive.  But we have come across a site Sixties Edinburgh, which provides several great pictures of the farm.  You can see the photos here at Wester Hailes Farm  .


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  1. hi does anyone have info of farms in the westerhails area my dad was brought up in sunnyside farm and would love info there was a picture in the greenway lounge once wondring if anyone has it as would love a coppy eileen mcewan clovenstone