From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


1987 Gala Queen

1987 Gala Queen

The front page story focused on the high turnout in Wester Hailes for the General Election, with 67% of the local population casting their vote. Other stories include

  • The results of the Wester Hailes Gala Queen competition
  • A report on Andrea Douglas and her dancing award achievements
  • The Calders Fun Day which took place despite the rain
  • News from around the community areas including Dumbryden, Westburn and Clovenstone
  • A feature on the WHEC jazz band

You’ll find all these stories and more if you click on Sentinel June 1987

The main headline in the Sentinel featured fears that the Wester Hailes Shopping Centre might close if planned superstores at Hermiston Gait were given the go ahead.  Other stories include

  • Dumbryden pupils winning first prize at the Highland Show
  • A winning motto from a first year WHEC pupil
  • News from around the community, and a feature on the 8 local playschemes that were in operation that summer
  • An interview with Joyce Paterson, the woman responsible for teaching hundreds of local young people to dance.

You’ll find all these stories and more here at Sentinel August 1987.

23 years ago, in 1987, the Sentinel’s headline featured a family’s ongoing dispute over the damp conditions in their home. To see more of this story and other pages from the newspaper, click here.Other stories include

  • Arguments over a proposed youth hostel in the Pentlands Hills
  • Plans for a waterfront development at Wester Hailes
  • Report on a public meeting about the government’s new Scottish homes proposals
  • Fashion tips from the Young Sentinel

2 thoughts on “1987

  1. Can you send me a copy of the sentinel issue 127 from June 23rd to 21st July 1987 please.would be willing to pay for it.

    • Hi Peter

      Many apologies, I’ve been looking for the issue but can’t seem to locate it. It’s very frustrating as I can see we did have it as some of it is online here. It may have been filed in the wrong folder and I will keep looking for it. Have you checked the Facebook site in case the photo you are looking for is there? As well as the Fun Run Album there are also some fun run themed photos in the Awards Album and the Keeping Active Album. The other place that will have a copy of the issue you are looking for is Central Library who kept copies of all the community newspapers. They haven’t put many of these online so far but if you contacted them I am sure they would help.

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