From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


There was a dramatic headline in the Sentinel for August 1983 as the paper reported on a sea rescue of children and adults from Westburn Youth Club.  The rescue involved both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force as well as a crane.

Other headlines included

  • Issues of concern about the structural state of the Hailesland blocks
  • The setting up of an action group over plans to start building the next section of the bypass
  • A conference for community representatives to discuss the future of the area, co-inciding with the publication of the report “Wester Hailes Ten Years On”.
  • A report on the the first ever Fun Run in Wester Hailes.

You can see these articles and others by clicking here. Sentinel News August 1983

Twenty eight years ago, the headline highlighted the scandal of small locally based organisations losing out in the funding stakes.  The official response was an internal argument over which department was responsible for funding different organisations.  This may sound a familiar story to some!  Also featured in this edition:

  • Length of the post office queues
  • New health centre vandalised
  • News from the local community groups
  • Report on Ernie Palmer, veteran sprinter

You can read these stories and others by clicking here on Sentinel September 1983

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