From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


The main story features two local boys heading for jobs as acrobats with Cottle’s Circus.  Both boys had trained with local clown Haggis and been members of the Wester Hailes Children’s Circus.  Other stories include

  • Greenham Women For Peace: a report on the recent protests at Greenham Common
  • The cost of combating dampness at Hailesland Park worked out to be £4,000 per flat.
  • News from Westburn Hut and efforts in Clovenstone to start a skills exchange
  • An interview with George Chisholm
  • Views and Reviews of the latest music and record releases at a time when record shops sold vinyl.

You can read all these stories and more by clicking here.

The headline story was floods in Hailesland as hurricane strength winds damaged roofs in Hailesland Park. Other stories included

  • A feature on Edinburgh District Council’s report on high rise living in the city.  With 81 blocks across the city, the council were needing £45 million over the next 10 years to put faults and damage right.
  • The issue of road safety for pedestrians in Wester Hailes is highlighted, with concerns about the ongoing lack of pavements beside busy roads.
  • A report on the recent opening of the Forum shopping centre with a starring role for Lewis Collins who cut the ribbon.
  • A visit to Clovenstone Community Centre from a Japanese delegation looking at youth centres in the UK.
  • A report from Hailesland Tenants Association who attended the Scottish conference for Bison tenants.

You can find all these stories and more here.


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