From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


The front page story was the demolition of the Westburn high flats.  The seven blocks in Westburn Gardens had been in place since the early seventies but were to be replaced by a new housing development.  Also featured in this edition is

  • Wester Hailes’s own soap.  This new production was to be called Out Of The Blue starring local people as well as professional actors and members of the theatre group Moving Parts.  You can read more about it in an earlier post by clicking here on Out Of The Blue.
  • News about the WHEC swimming pool
  • Neighbourhood and Community News around the area
  • What’s On In and Around Wester Hailes

You can read all about these by clicking here on Sentinel February 1993

The lead story was a report about faulty smoke alarms and controversy over who was responsible for their ongoing maintenance.  Other stories include

  • New job opportunities
  • A public meeting to address concerns over the poor bus service for Dumbryden
  • Information about some of the local groups and services in the area as part of Adult Learners Week
  • What’s On In Wester Hailes
  • McRobert on Sport arguing for changes to the Scottish League.

You can read all these stories and others by clicking here on Sentinel May 1993. 


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