From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


The main story is the improvement work starting on Wester Hailes Drive.  Other stories include

  • The launch event for WHALE
  • A protest about changes being made around Wester Hailes Park
  • An exclusive interview with Gerard Kelly
  • News from around the neighbourhoods including the Woods Gala Day
  • Some strong views about the forthcoming Olympics in Barcelona, and the effects of money and fame on the games!

You’ll find all these stories and more here Sentinel July 1992.

Back in September 1992, the top story was a report on the campaign to save Wester Hailes’ longest running playgroup.  Hailesland playgroup had been given notice to quit their premises and the Sentinel highlighted their plight.  Other stories include

  • A new look for Murrayburn Place
  • News from around the neighbourhoods including the results of a ballot on demolishing Block 26 Clovenstone Gardens
  • An investigative report on the work of the Community Relations Forum and local experiences of being from a BME community and living in Wester Hailes.
  • The launch of the Dove Centre
  • Sports news including the latest on Clovenstone F.C.

You’ll find these stories and others by clicking here on Sentinel September 1992

Dove Centre committee

The headline story focuses on the controversy surrounding how money allocated to Wester Hailes was being diverted to other areas in the city.  Other stories include:

  • An uncertain future for the Forum Shopping Centre as its owners go into receivership
  • Neighbourhood and Community News
  • The Euro Summit in Edinburgh: events included the twinning of Wester Hailes with Neuperlach, Munich
  • McRobert on sport, commenting that Hearts seem to be going nowhere fast
  • Sentinel Sounds reviews the potential Christmas number ones
  • An exclusive scoop interview with Santa!

You can read all these and more at Sentinel December 1992.


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