From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


Over the last few months, we’ve had some posts that we want to keep the spotlight on.  As time progresses, we’ll add to this list.

The Road To Wester Hailes

David Pirie provides a comprehensive review of post war housing and its legacy for areas such as Wester Hailes. In this article he describes the growing reliance on prefab housing, the acute social problems these “streets in the sky” generated and the long term consequences of speed driven large scale developments.  Whilst he points out that the road to Wester Hailes was paved with good intentions, he highlights key issues and the need to learn from past mistakes.

Meditations From A Hot Zone

Some personal reflections from Prospect’s Money Advice Officer Pete Mowat on working in Wester Hailes, the changes he has seen, and his perspective on issues of financial exclusion.


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  1. Hello my names kirsty I am currently trying to find out more about my grand parents they died in a flat in westier hails in murryburn I think this fire happend years ago in was in 20/2/1983 I would just like to no what happend as my mum will not tell me anything about it x

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