From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


The headline story featured Hailesland Park and the plans to decant residents to repair the blocks.  No cause for alarm, the council stated! Other stories included

  • Summer Fun across the community as summer events and playschemes were up and running.
  • A remarkable interview with David Kitson, newly released from jail in South Africa after being jailed for 20 years for fighting against apartheid.
  • Sports columnist Duncan Mclellan reporting on McEnroe and his controversial temper.

You can read these stories and others by clicking here on Sentinel July 1985.

There’s also a page showing the Gala highlights and you can see all the photos by clicking here on Gala Day 1985.

This week we’re going back twenty six years to October 1985.  The headline story featured problems with young people throwing stones at buses.  The front page also also highlighted the arrival of cable television in the area which would offer an additional 11 channels a week for what would have been quite a steep price then of £7 per week.

Other stories include

  • The opening of the first drive in takeaway in Scotland, the Hot Potato
  • A report on the activities happening at the Westburn Hut
  • Dumbryden disco dancers sweeping the board winning prizes at a competition in Fife
  • An interview with The Thompson Twins
  • Sentinel Sports Personality For October

You can read these articles and others by clicking here on October 1985


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