From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months when you’re out and about in Wester Hailes and you’re likely to see some colourful and distinctive additions to the streetscape in the form of decorative wall plaques with QR codes incorporated into their design as part of an innovative new project called “Off The Wall”.

The plaques will be in prominent positions, attached to gables or walls in different parts of the estate, and will allow people using smartphones to access lots of interesting information about the locations in which they’ve been placed. For example, photographs showing how the area has changed over the years including any buildings that used to stand there and have since been demolished (a lot of demolition has happened in Wester Hailes over the years!) plus details about the current building, including when it was built and by whom.

In addition, the plaques will allow people, via their phones, to read and listen to local peoples’ memories of that particular spot and what it was like in past times – perhaps they used to live or work or play there, perhaps they remember something that once happened there, a particular event that was happy or funny or sad. Over and above that, the plaques will be interactive so anyone who wants to can record their own memories and add them to the story of the place for others to read.

Off  The Wall will also link into another exciting project that is getting underway. Wester Hailes Health Agency have designed a series of short local history walks covering the estate as part of a larger initiative to encourage physical activity. To complement this, there’ll be an easy-to use booklet packed full of information that people can refer to which has been conceived and written by local resident Eoghan Howard. The intention is that the location of many of the Off The Wall plaques will be integrated with the routes of the Health Agency walks to provide additional sources of information.

More updates and info on all this very soon.