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Sporting Views

Often forthright in their views, the sports column was a regular feature in the Sentinel.  We’ve brought you a selection from the two main contributors over the years- McRobert on Sport and Pat McHat.

McRobert On SportNovember 1990: All Mouth and Sheepskin Jackets- a critical look at TV football commentators and whether they do a good job.  (And this was in the days before Sky Sports News!)

March 1992: The Saga Continues- 20 years ago, an interesting consideration of Rangers and how much was being spent on players back then.

January 1996: Temptation- Pat McHat finds it hard to resist temptation but Pat McHatpromises not to say anything cynical about a list of usual suspects

December 1998: They’re taking the myth- How the myth of Sisyphus perfectly illustrates the current state of Scottish football. (He was the one who had to keep pushing a boulder up a hill all day every day!)


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