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Sounds Around

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In the early 1980s the Sentinel featured a music page, Sounds Around.  A mixture of reviews, information and tricky pop puzzles, for many readers today it will be a real blast from the past!  There’s a selection below- how many band names do you recognise?  And why not have a go at the music crosswords- can you remember back that far!

October 1980: A feature on Scottish groups to give some publicity to home grown talent, starting with Michael Marra.  The page also includes the chance to win David Bowie’s new album, “Scarey Monsters”.

November 1980: A review of All The Presidents Men’s gig at the Fusion Ballroom.  And a report on Highland Recording Studios as a possible route to getting a publishing deal for a song with a record company.

March 1981: An enthusiastic review of a performance by Siouxsie and the Banshees.  The page also includes information about who was playing where in Edinburgh over the next couple of months.  There’s also another review on a gig by the Alex Harvey Band, and information about the new album by The Exploited, “Punk Is Not Dead”.


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