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The social history of Wester Hailes

Christmas Exclusive!

The Sentinel was excellent at getting interviews with major figures andSanta in Wester Hailes celebrities.  National leaders, politicians, film stars, writers all gave their thoughts and views to the paper.  But perhaps their most exclusive scoop was persuading Santa Claus to reveal a range of information about himself and his job.  Impressively, they appear to have had some kind of hotline number, as they managed this not once but several times over the years!  The series of probing interviews reveal a complicated character who changes his mind about a number of key pieces of information over time.  Whilst careful not to give away all his secrets, Santa does let slip in an unguarded moment that he could be a Hibs fan, which may come as a surprise to some of his fans, but a few years later decides Man U is his top team.  Here’s a selection of his Christmas interviews.

December 1988– Santa reveals that his reindeer know the route better than he does which is why he never gets lost

December 1992– A Braun Supershaver is Santa’s interesting and perhaps surprising choice for what he would like for Christmas this year

December 1994– As well as the revelation that Santa might be a Hibs supporter, he chooses the Bahamas as his top holiday spot

December 1995– Controversially, Santa lets slip that he parks his sledge illegally, accumulating parking tickets.

Santa Claus


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