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Waiting In The Wings

With one M.P. now entering the realms of celebrity under a deluge of insects in a certain jungle, we thought we’d feature a Sentinel story this week about a celebrity leaving the starry world of stage and screen to enter politics!

In 1990, the Sentinel managed to get an interview with Glenda Jackson as she campaigned to become elected as the M.P. for Hampstead and Highgate.  Despite her new role as prospective candidate, she was still completing acting responsibilities and the Sentinel caught up with her in Glasgow as she took part in a production of Mother Courage.

A lifelong Labour supporter, she had already been actively involved in promoting the Labour party.  Her growing concern with the state of the country, and a desire to represent her local community led her into standing in the 1992 General Election.  She talked to the Sentinel about her views on Neil Kinnock and on Margaret Thatcher, as well as discussing what motivated her decision to enter politics.

Her campaign of course, proved to be successful and she represented Hampstead and Highgate until 2010 when constituency boundary changes have led to her now representing Hampstead and Kilburn.

During her interview she commented,

 “Socialism has never been for me something that makes people poor.  At its best it attempts to give everyone, no matter where they were born, the opportunity to develop their potential as a unique individual. “

You can read the interview in full by clicking here.


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