From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Standing Stone of Wester Hailes

Have you ever taken a closer look at the stone monument outside Murrayburn House?  It was originally erected in 1972 to mark the start of the building of the Wester Hailes Centre.  When the area was refurbished to create the town centre area and Plaza, the stone was badly damaged.  Fortunately, it was rescued when it became apparent that this was an important part of the history of Wester Hailes.  The sculptor Kenny Munro was commissioned to design a new monument that used what remained of the old.  He used brass strapping to fix the pieces together, creating a saltire across the front.  The stone was then unveiled by Eric Milligan, Lord Provost as part of the official opening of the new Civic Square. 

 On one of the bands you will see the inscription “Wester Hailes Shopping Centre April 1972, and on the other you will see “West Side Plaza December 1996”.  The damage caused to the stone could be seen in the longer term as resulting in something more symbolic being created, connecting the old to the new and showing that regeneration doesn’t mean throwing out all that went before.  You can read the story as reported in the Sentinel by clicking here on January 1997.


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