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The social history of Wester Hailes

Off The Wall update

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Got to grips with QR codes yet?  They’re appearing everywhere: adverts, products, leaflets, billboards.  They’re going to become a highly visible feature in Wester Hailes over the next few months.  They’re a great way of quickly sharing images, memories and other information from a single scan.  So they make showing images from the past extremely easy and relatively quick.  Several projects developing in Wester Hailes are making good use of these digital shorthand codes to share social history and to capture other people’s memories and pictures.  Wester Hailes Health Agency has just produced a great book of social history walks around the local area using QR codes, conceived and written by local resident Eoghan Howard.  We’ll be bringing you more information on this in a future post.  And WHALE Arts Agency has created an innovative totem pole with built in QR codes that will share and collect a wide range of information, news and views.  Its almost ready to be installed and will be a great addition to the area.

 We recently highlighted a project Off The Wall that we’ve been working on with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland who’ve got a huge database of historical Scottish photos, including images and information about Wester Hailes.  Off The Wall will work through QR codes placed on buildings around the area.  These codes will link to photo albums on our Facebook page with a set of images for each neighbourhood of Wester Hailes.  People will then be able to scan the QR code and compare the past to the present from where they’re standing.  They’ll also be able to link up to the RCAHMS site to see more images.  We’ve put the first album on Facebook today, showing past and present photos of Westburn.  Once all the albums have been set up, we’ll be able to link them to QR code plaques. 

As a starting point, the albums will just have photos.  But we want to add sound as well as a way of sharing people’s stories about the area.  People can also add their stories through commenting on the album and on individual stories to build up the story of the area.  And we hope people will also send their own photos in of the area, showing the landscape but also the events, meetings, activity etc that show all that was happening over the years beyond the fabric of the buildings. 

So check out the first album on Facebook and keep an eye out for QR codes appearing on a building near you!


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