From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


In carrying out some background research connected with last week’s post about the 1997 Community Map, we uncovered a bit of a puzzle. An article in the March 1998 issue of the Sentinel announced the sale of the last house in “Gillespie Gardens”. The scheme was described as being located in Clovenstone, constructed by Miller Homes and “the first new homes-for-sale development to be built in the area with grant aid from Scottish Homes“.

But the only housing which could possibly fit this description is at Alcorn Square and the photograph below which accompanied the 1998 article confirms this. So, where did the moniker “Gillespie Gardens” come from? Nobody we’ve spoken to locally can recall it. Maybe it was the original advertising name under which the developer marketed the new housing. However, in that case, it seems curious that Alcorn Square and not Gillespie Gardens  is the name given in the 1997 Map six months before the last house was actually sold.

Anyone out there able to shed  any light on this? One of the original residents of Alcorn Square perhaps?



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