From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


Here’s the last of the series of Community Maps produced by Wester Hailes Rep Council. This one was drawn up in the Autumn of 1997 and, unlike the incremental changes that occured during the nine years between the 1983 and 1992 versions, the differences a further five years on are quite dramatic. As with the other maps, if you click on it you’ll be able to to zoom in and see any bit you wish in more detail.

Essentially it’s a story of large scale demolitions and, in some cases, redevelopment. Starting at the top, the blocks of Council housing at 20-31 Clovenstone Park are labelled as due for demolition that year (we think this actually took place in 1998). Other Council blocks at 1-18 Clovenstone Drive have already been demolished and replaced by a new housing development – Alcorn Square. This was the result of a partnership between Miller Homes, the City Council and Scottish Homes to build the first new-homes-for-sale scheme in the area.

Moving down towards the shopping centre, a number of the Wester Hailes Drive Council blocks have gone and been replaced by low rise housing built by Prospect in the re-named Dumbeg Park. Just below that, all the multis at Wester Hailes Park and Wester Hailes Drive have also disappeared and the two sites are earmarked for “Proposed Commercial/Leisure Development”.

Finally, on the other side of the railway, the Westburn Gardens multis have been pulled down, and in their place Prospect’s new Westburn and Morvenside developments have been constructed, extending beyond the old multis site and into a large greenfield area down as far as the Canal.

Other changes to note are the re-naming of the shopping centre – now Westside Plaza – and, adjacent to it, the new multiplex cinema.


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