From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


In the first part of her Q & A, two weeks ago, Lisa McDonald revealed that she had helped edit an issue of the Sentinel along with some of her classmates at the WHEC. Intrigued by this, we searched through our archive and were able to find the particular edition (December 1988) to which she was referring. The front page carried a picture of the intrepid cub reporters and here they are:

As well as Lisa, the team consisted of Lynne Gow, Lorna Anderson, Sarah-Jane Hiroz and Conchi Peacock. The girls carried out a survey around Wester Hailes to find out people’s views about two popular subjects in 1988 – Bros and Neighbours. Bros had recently been topping the charts and the wedding of Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene (Kylie Minogue) in Neighbours had been screened on British TV the month before. 

Presumably to make the whole thing a little bit quicker and easier, the girls interviewed themselves as well as others and we thought we’d take the opportunity to share their responses with you. All of them, bar one, were rabid Bros fans…

Lynne loved Bros and described them as “wickedly happening” and the “best thing since Elvis“. Lorna thought they were “trendy dressers” and Luke was “so sexy“. Sarah-Jane also loved Bros, “they are happening” she said. Conchi thought they were “hip and trendy” and that Matt was “cool” and she also owned up to being a fan of Brother Beyond.

The one exception was Lisa who is quoted as saying that Bros were “indescribable rubbish” naming her favourite group as Aztec Camera. So far so good… but then she went on to confess that she loved neighbours ESPECIALLY Jason Donovan!

However she was in good company, all the rest of the girls were also big Neighbours fans: Lynne – “the talent is well chosen“; Conchi – “it is neat“; Sarah-Jane – “it keeps you watching“.

The feature which took up the whole of page 15 was written and designed by the girls and included a “Bros Factfile” and a list of “Ten things you always wanted to know” about Neighbours. 

Many thanks to Lisa for providing us with the clues to track down this long lost piece of journalism!


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