From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


When we started this blog back in June 2010, one of our first posts was a Wester Hailes Timeline (see Across The Years on the right of the screen) running from 1964, when a public inquiry took place into Edinburgh Council’s plans to build housing in the area, up to 1999. We’ve noted that there’s been quite a considerable interest in it and so, this week, we’ve decided to add a further section that continues the story on to 2010:


  • First annual Altogether In The Park Festival for local children and their families (July?)?
  • Footbridge spanning Hailesland Road demolished to make way for canal (July)
  • New WHALE Learning Centre opened in Westburn Grove (November)
  • Greenway Civic & Leisure Centre goes into liquidation (December)


  • Wester Hailes Community Housing Association changes its name to Prospect Community Housing
  • Community Banking Agreement signed – partnership between Bank of Scotland and the Rep Council to tackle financial exclusion (March)
  • LIDL replaces Safeway in Westside Plaza (April?)
  • Cyberbytes (internet cafe) demolished (April)
  • CCTV network along the Greenway switched on (May)
  • Official uniform for pupils at WHEC launched (August)
  • Wester Hailes section of Millenium Link canal project opened (September)
  • Hailes Park Industrial Estate completed (October)


  • CCTV network along Wester Hailes section of canal switched on (March)
  • First issue of West Edinburgh Times – incorporating the Sentinel, Broomhouse Grapevine & Longstone Newsletter (April)


  • Greenway Centre saved when the Wester Hailes Land & Property Trust takes over the building (September)


  • Reunion community canal barge launched (April)


  • Council tenants in Edinburgh vote NO to transfer of council homes to City of Edinburgh Housing Association (December)


  • Westburn Community Woodland opened (May)
  • West Edinburgh Local Community Plan initiated (September)


  • Rep Council celebrates its 25th anniversary (February)
  • New bus & taxi interchange outside Westside Plaza (May)


  • Last issue of West Edinburgh Times – forced to close after withdrawal of revenue funding by Edinburgh City Council (March)
  • TESCO closes its store in Wester Hailes (June)


  • Westburn Primary School closed by Edinburgh City Council (July)
  • Wester Hailes Community Council established (December?) ?


  • Rep Council officially dissolved (June)

As you’ll see, there are a few questionmarks where we’re not sure if we’ve got the details right. We’ve said previously that we want the Timeline to cover the key events and decisions that shaped Wester Hailes across the decades so, if you think anything needs corrected or we’ve missed important information out, please get in touch and let us know.


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