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Dustin Hoffman talks to the Sentinel

"Dorothy Michaels" sends a special greeting to all Sentinel readers

Dustin Hoffman returns to the small screen this weekend in a new series Luck. His stellar career has spanned 45 years with many critcally aclaimed performances including The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Kramer vs. Kramer and Rain Man.

Many of his films are serious affairs but he also has a flair for comedy.  In 1983 he came to Britain to promote his new film, the box office success story Tootsie, a gender swapping comedy about an out of work actor who gains employment and stardom once he disguises himself as a woman.  The film surprised many by becoming Columbia’s biggest grossing film of all time.  In amongst the promotional tour Hoffman took the time to give a lengthy interview to the Sentinel’s Mark Hagen.  Interestingly he says that some of the inspiration for the film came out of his experience of making Kramer vs. Kramer and thinking about the different roles in life played by men and women. You can read this interview in full by clicking here on Dustin’s “Tootsie”.



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