From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


The Sentinel carried a double page review of the 80s in January 1990 which we featured in a post a couple of weeks ago. Here’s more from that including a further selection of front pages that were chosen to represent the decade.

On the political front the paper bemoaned the fact that “a sharp-suited woman of steel ruled over Britain for the whole of the 80s” but was much more indulgent towards another Tory: “we are honoured to have Scotland’s “Governor-General” himself as our Member of Parliament. The Rt Hon Malcolm Rifkind MP has served us well”.

The Labour Party was given a mixed review: “at least we had a couple of years of no rent rises. In 1984 the newly elected Labour administration on Edinburgh District Council fulfilled an election promise and froze rents – until they gave into Government pressure in 1986 and rents began creeping up again.”.

And then, somewhat of an odd comparison: “in East Germany council rents have been frozen since 1949” – odd because the end of the 80s also marked the pulling down of the Berlin Wall after thirty years as a direct result of huge protests by highly disgruntled citizens.

1986 in Wester Hailes brought more investment…and more unemployment. The Sentinel took the lead in promoting a powerful anti-drugs campaign…

1987: blizzards, food mountains and Wester Hailes got a train station – only 20 years or so after the first houses were built…

And the decade finished off with a visit from Chairlie and much much more investment scheduled to be delivered with the advent of the Partnership…



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