From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Tales,Technology and Totem Poles

You could become part of a large social history project during 2012 here in Wester Hailes.  There’s a chance to tell your story and to learn more about how to share your memories online via mobile phones and computers.  WHALE Arts Agency is co-ordinating an exciting new project that will result in a locally designed totem pole appearing in Wester Hailes that can provide access to memories and photos stored online.  Carving will begin on the 30th January.

 Design sessions
There are a series of workshops coming up over the next couple of weeks.  You can get involved in designing the pole at a design session. Come and share your ideas and they could become part of the first Wester Hailes totem pole!

 Friday 13th January             WHALE Arts Agency           2.30PM- 4.30PM
Saturday 14th January        Wester Hailes Library          2.00PM- 4.00PM
Saturday 21st January         WHALE Arts Agency           2.00PM- 4.00PM

Tales, Technology and Totem Poles

Scan me if you can! Or come along to find out how!

 These sessions are a chance to learn how to use your mobile or computer to share your stories and to learn more about using QR codes. 

 Saturday 14th January        WHALE Arts Agency           10.00AM- 12.00PM
Friday 20th January             Wester Hailes Library              2.30PM-4.30PM
Saturday 21st January         WHALE Arts Agency           10.00AM-12.00PM

 To find out more please contact Allan on 0131 458 3267,


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