From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


In the current financial climate there is much talk about spending in shops being a barometer of economic recovery or further downturn – are people spending enough? do people have anything much to spend? So we thought it would be interesting, a bit poignant even, to take a look back at some of the adverts placed in the Sentinel to try to tempt Wester Haileans to part with their cash in days gone by.

From 1978:

Where have all the woolshops gone?

What a pair of fab chaps! Anyone remember having a stomp or a boogie to Footloos?

And what about these prices from 1981!

1981: Only women clean…

…And also from 1981 (a member of Prospect’s staff remembers this place well, he says it was the best chippie for miles around and it was always absolutely mobbed)


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