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The social history of Wester Hailes

Tales, Technology and Totem Poles

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What would you like to see on the Wester Hailes Memory Pole?  Workshops are being held at WHALE Arts Centre on Friday 4th November from 2PM to 4PM and at the Gate 55 Centre on Monday 7th November from 1.30PM to 3.30PM.

These sessions are a chance for you to share your memories of Wester Hailes, to find out how memories can be stored on the internet and on a totem pole as part of an exciting new project!

The sessions are open to anyone who has a story to tell, an interest in learning IT skills, or wants to know why a totem pole will be appearing in Wester Hailes?!?

To find out more or to book a place, contact Allan Farmer at WHALE Arts on 0131 458 3267


One thought on “Tales, Technology and Totem Poles

  1. A great session at the Dove Centre this morning, it’s great to see people sharing their stories and trying out the technology!
    Looking forward to more people getting involved at WHALE Arts and Gate 55!