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The social history of Wester Hailes

Not So A.C. Rid

photo from the Sentinel 2001

We featured what was then an up and coming band Station 33 a couple of months ago.  The Sentinel ran a series of articles on local bands and in October 2001, reported on A.C. Rid who also had their roots in the WHEC and who were about to release a CD.  You can read the story by clicking here on Sentinel February 2003. 

The Sentinel also had a regular music column at this time called Terry’s Music Column which championed local talent.  In 2002, the column reported that when playing The Liquid Room, A.C. Rid were “stunning” with huge amounts of “tact, style and just plain coolness”.  You can read more of Terry’s review of this performance as well as of Station 33 and Namik by clicking here on Sentinel December 2002.   They were still going strong in February 2003, when Terry again gave them a great review.  So does anyone know what happened to A.C. Rid?  Did you buy their CD? Did they go on to bigger things or was their fame shortlived?


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