From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


In 1995 Scottish writer James Kelman won the Booker Prize for his novel “How late it was, how late”. That same year he appeared at an event held in Club 85 along with other writers and gave a reading of one of his short stories.

A review of it appeared in issue number 1 of Destination, a magazine produced by the Platform Adult Learning Centre. Destination was set up as a magazine for Platform students, written and produced by the students themselves.

The review describes Kelman as “nothing less than an inspiring writer” and gives a thumbs up as well to all the others who participated, describing the whole event as a great experience.

The reviewer also takes the opportunity to encourage local people to “never say never – give it a go, go on write” and backs this up with a quote from Kelman: “you do not have to be an academic, or come from a posher home or family to be a writer”.

As a case in point, the magazine includes a poem and a short story by local writer Beth Harris who reveals in an interview that she has been attending Platform’s creative writing course for just six months and would never have believed she could write the way she is now able to.

As well as that, there are adverts for Platform courses on philosophy, pop music, politics, history, sociology plus opportunities to participate in video production and photography. A rich, local cultural diversity and no mistake!


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