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The social history of Wester Hailes

It’s A Memory Thing!

We’ve had a couple of posts recently that have featured QR codes and the Tales of Things website as a way of sharing stories and memories.  Tales of Things helps you link any object directly to a video memory or a story describing more about its history.  The link can be put in a QR code.  If you have a smart phone you can scan the QR code and call up the information instantly on your phone.  Of course, not everyone has a smart phone but if you have internet access you can still join in by going to the Tales Of Things website to see the stories there. 

 There’s going to be a series of QR code activities linked to social history in Wester Hailes over the next few months.  Look out for the Tales Of Things memory booth at the next Learning and Information Fair on Friday 19th August at the Plaza when they’ll be recording people’s stories and making them available online for others to share. 

Scan this code to go to the Prospect Office Story

 The best way to see how it all works is to use the site so as you can see, we’ve created a QR tag for the Prospect Office that links to some information and photos about what was here before the office was built.  If you’ve got a smart phone, i.e. an iPhone or an Android, you can download a FREE app that lets you scan the code.  For iPhones go to the App Store, for Androids go to the Android Market and then search for Tales Of Things.  Once you’ve downloaded the App you can scan the QR code- you should be able to scan it straight from your screen if you’re reading the blog via your computer- and it will take you to the Prospect Office Story. 

 If you haven’t got a smart phone, you can still see the story by clicking here on Tales Of Things Prospect Story.  If you think there’s more that could be added to the information, you can add your own memories and stories of what was there before the office was built.


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