From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Ready, Steady, Go!

The Olympics are a hot topic of conversation at the moment so it seems the right time to remember a regular sporting feature of Wester Hailes’ carnival days.  The Fun Run was started in 1983 when a 7 mile road race and a shorter 3 mile fun race around Wester Hailes was organised.  It took place on a hot sunny June day, hard to remember the last time we had weather like that!  Haggis the clown and Ernie Plimmer, Wester Hailes best known veteran sprinter opened the event.  You can read more about the first Fun Run by clicking here on Sentinel July 1983.

 The Fun Run quickly became a central event for the festival programme and attracted hundreds of competitors of all ages.  Prizes were awarded for costumes as well as those first past the post.  By 1985, the serious runners were covering 10 miles.  You can see the report by clicking here on Sentinel July 1985

 Over the years, the Fun Run continued to appear on an annual basis.  In 1992, an astonishing 500 people took part.  You can see all the photos by clicking here on Sentinel July 1992.

 So what happened to the Fun Run?  Did people stop taking part or did it become too difficult an event to organise?  It certainly seemed to be popular and the photos show that all sorts of people took part, young and old making it a real community event.  With all the excitement of 2012, it would be great to have a sporty event here in Wester Hailes next year and something like a fun run would seem to be the answer!


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