From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Smartphones and tagging

Love them or loathe them, smartphones are here to stay!  For some people they are an indispensible tool, for others a distracting gadget.  And for many they remain still too costly an item.  We’re hoping to be involved in a project that will use smartphones as one way of accessing information on the social history of the area. 

We posted about this idea back in April when we featured the website Tales Of Things.   A text, audio or video tag is attached to an object via a QR code, which operates like a more sophisticated type of barcode.  If you’ve got a smartphone, ie an iPhone or an Android, you can scan the tagged object and view the attached story, picture, video etc.  So a building could be tagged and its QR tag would instantly show you what had been there previously, let you hear memories of people who had lived there and give you a history of the area. 

 If you haven’t got a smartphone, you would still be able to access the information via the internet by visiting the Tales Of Things site and looking up images of Wester Hailes.  In any project we’re involved in, we’ll try to make sure the information is as accessible as possible.  But we are aware that a growing number of people do now have iPhones or Androids and we thought it would be interesting to see how many of the people looking at the blog and at our Facebook page have one.  And we’re also interested to know how many of those who have an iPhone or an Android live in Wester Hailes.  So we’ve put together a poll.  Please click on one of the statements below to let us know. 


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