From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


Last week we carried a post about time travelling into the past using mobile phone apps. By way of a follow up, here’s a little ditty about strolling through Wester Hailes and remembering bits of its history composed by an avid, but rather bashful, subscriber to the blog who prefers to publish anonymously under the pseudonym of Wullie Topfizz McGunnigle.

To the tune of The Happy Wanderer…

I love to go a’ wandering
And learn about its history
Whilst sharing my own tales
Valder-eee, valder-aah
Valder-eee, valder-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Valder-eee, valder-aah
Whilst sharing my own tales
DUMBRYDEN was the first to be
Constructed way back when
In sixty nine the moon was also
Landed on by men
Valder-eee etc…
In HAILESLAND came some tower blocks
Six high rise with eight floors
With three now down & Walkers built
Their sky bridge is no more
Valder-eee etc…
Now off we go to MURRAYBURN
With lots of open space
It’s where some early shops were planned
The centre took their place
Valder-eee etc…
In WESTBURN seven Tower Blocks
That all came down as well
With Prospect, Whale & 8 til Late
But no more Carousel
Valder-eee etc…
Then up Thieves Road to PARK & DRIVE
Beneath the Railway Line
Another eight blocks bit the dust
Replacing took some time
Valder-eee etc…
No high rise up in CLOVENSTONE
Except being on a hill
Where Hailes Farm used to proudly stand
With its own threshing mill
Valder-eee etc…



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