From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

40% of Wester Hailes

photo by Ian Thomson

Throughout the years, the Sentinel had regular articles about young people in the area.  Whilst not shying away from issues and concerns, the Sentinel also tried to give a balanced view, pointing out the need for more resources and more support for young people in the area.  They highlighted young people’s achievements and tried to include stories and news items from a young person’s perspective. 

In 1987, 40% of the population in Wester Hailes was under the age of 21 which

Sentinel 1987

 equated to 7,000 people.  The Sentinel itself tried out a new page aimed at young people although it appears to have been short lived.  But they still regularly featured the lives of young people, their interests and their concerns.  Click on the links below to see examples of the Young Sentinel, a report on the New Youth Programme and a feature on the lack of facilities and activities available for young people in the area.

New Youth Programme based at the Quarry Hut

7,000 and Nothing To Do? -a Sentinel feature on what was available to young people in 1987

Young Sentinel May 1986

Young Sentinel December 1986


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