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Wester Hailes Flats Project

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As a range of projects were started in Wester Hailes in the late 1970s and early 1980s, local workers at the Community Workshop became aware that some of the young people they had contact with were homeless.  Some were sleeping rough, others were managing on friends’ floors or were caught in difficult domestic situations that they needed to leave.  This was not a problem unique to Wester Hailes, and the numbers of homeless young people across Edinburgh meant long waiting lists for help.  So within Wester Hailes, a more local solution was sought after.  Link Housing Association was able to offer the Workshop some properties at a low rent that needed considerable renovation.  The project aimed to improve the flats and then provide local homeless young people with accommodation and additional support to enable them to manage independent living.  You can read about their efforts by clicking here on Sentinel December 1981.

Despite initial success, the project did face some hurdles and at one point seems to have closed down before the idea was relaunched in 1983 as part of the Wester Hailes Youth programme. The project co-ordinator commented on some of the issues facing young people who found it hard to get affordable accommodation.  You can read the report about the progress being made by clicking here on Sentinel August 1984.


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