From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

More on the Venchie Playgrounds

photo from Sentinel February 1981

The Sentinel ran a series on the Venchie Playgrounds in 1981 following their story about the original Venchie. Each area was given a feature with a progress report and pictures. The Hailes Venchie was built next to the Cleansing Department Depot in Dumbryden. At the same time, a community base was built, creating an area for the whole community to use. You can read about the work and activities by clicking here on Hailes Park Sentinel.

Over in Clovenstone, work had to be put into getting planning permission as

photo from Sentinel March 1981

the playground was sited on land belonging to the Education Department. The team responsible for the playground also had to build strong links with the school, forming a partnership to ensure the area could be used to its full potential. You can read about the Clovenstone

photo from the Sentinel March 1981

Venchie by clicking here on Clovenstone Venchie.

The Calders playground was sited on the edge of the Calders housing development. It took longer to build as funding for the work needed to be worked out. In the end, a Y.O.P. scheme was favoured with trainees carrying out the construction.  You can read about the plans for the Calders Playground by clicking here on Calders in the Sentinel

Although the playgrounds were developed separately and had their own committees, they worked together to co-ordinate activities across Wester Hailes.  They also prioritised involving children and young people in the decision-making about the playgrounds- what should be provided, how the areas should be developed, what activities could be organised and run. This meant that local children felt that the playgrounds belonged to them and were somewhere they could meet up safely. 

photo from the Sentinel April 1981


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