From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

HALT for the railway

Public transport has always been a big issue for Wester Hailes due to its location and the number of people living here.  Local residents campaigned for a long time to have a railway halt built.  They realised that being able to take the train would mean a journey into Edinburgh of 10 minutes rather than the half hour trip the buses were taking.  Back in 1978 the campaign group HALT (Hailes Action on Local Transport) lobbied British Rail and councillors to establish a rail link between Wester Hailes and Edinburgh. 

Sentinel 1984

However, despite the fact the line already went through Wester Hailes, it would turn out to be a long campaign.  Lothian Regional Council originally agreed to part fund the link but then faced cuts that meant it could no longer support the project and everyone went back to the drawing board. 

In October 1984 the Sentinel reported that British Rail were now seriously considering building a rail halt and another campaign was launched.  Finally, in May 1987 the Sentinel was able to report that the Wester Hailes station was open.  You can read their report here by clicking on Sentinel May 1987.  At that time, tickets to Edinburgh cost 60 pence!


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