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The social history of Wester Hailes

Across The Political Spectrum


"Socialism In Our Time"

The Sentinel brought its readers vital local neighbourhood news and made sure that people living in Wester Hailes knew what was happening in their community. 

But the newspaper also had an outward focus, linking Wester Hailes to the issues and concerns of the wider world. 

"Happy At The Helm"

In one edition alone in January 1985, it managed to secure interviews from both ends of the political spectrum ,talking with both the  Secretary of State for Scotland, the Conservative MP George Younger, and the Labour MP Tony Benn

   Both interviews are given full-page coverage and provide an interesting contrast of views and styles of government.  You can read both interviews here: George Younger, Tony Benn.


2 thoughts on “Across The Political Spectrum

  1. Hi Guys, I did both these interviews plus lots more with people like David Steel MP, Bruce Kent head of CND, Jimmy Boyle, who was doing his training for freedom with us, Adrian Mitchell, the poet, Jim Sillars, the politician of various parties, who was working for Kenny McKaskill who had a solicitors business in Wester Hailes at the time but is now the Minister for Justice, – and lots lots more. I am interested in trying to get hold of some of the back copies I never kept with a view to producing a book of Sentinel Interviews. Can you help?

    • Hi Colin

      That sounds really interesting and you’re welcome to look through the Sentinel copies. I’m going to email you directly so you have my contact details and we can arrange a time that suits.