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The social history of Wester Hailes

Neil Kinnock talks to the Sentinel

With interest gathering over the Labour leadership election, we’ve gone back to 1984 when Neil Kinnock gave an interview to the Sentinel.  As a community newspaper, the Sentinel was becoming known for its ability to mix local community news with reports on events and issues from the wider world.  Neil Kinnock was in Edinburgh to make a policy speech at the Eurofest Concert for peace and jobs so the Sentinel took the opportunity to interview him. 

 He talked about a range of issues, including the problems of damp in the housing in Wester Hailes, the European elections and the importance of the promotion of jobs and training.  He also gave his thoughts on community newspapers, stressing their value particularly in presenting a more balanced view of areas such as Wester Hailes where the national press were only interested in negative stories. 

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