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The social history of Wester Hailes

Neighbourhood News

Neighbourhood Councils are a unique feature of Wester Hailes.  They were set up as part of the neighbourhood strategy of the Wester Hailes Representative Council which was itself established in 1981.  Over several years, the area was organised into 25 neighbourhoods to represent the community in the regeneration programme.  Each neighbourhood council was run by elected local residents who worked together to highlight and tackle issues that affected their immediate community.  In 1999 these neighbourhoods were restructured into 12 larger areas with some councils amalgamating. 

 Although many of the organisations formed during these years have now closed, some of the Neighbourhood Councils have continued.  It is testament to their determination and hard work that they have achieved this and that they continue to represent their areas and to work voluntarily on their behalf. 

 In 1990, there were eleven Neighbourhood Councils established.  June seemed to be AGM season with seven of the councils holding their AGMs in this month.  The Sentinel ran a Neighbourhood News special report to highlight the news from these meetings. 

To see the news from around the neighbourhoods click here  Around the AGMs.


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