From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Across The Years 5

We’ve put together a timeline of key events and decisions that shaped how the area was built, developed and altered across the decades.  This is part 5: 1990-1994.  Were you in Wester Hailes during these times?  We want the time line to reflect different people’s reflections and memories so if you think we’ve missed important information out, get in touch and let us know.


  •  Community Housing Information Project (CHIP) set up (April)
  •  Community Relations Forum comprising “representatives of the Chinese, Asian and white communities” set up by WHRC

    photo by Kevin Walsh 1992

  •  Moving Forward – a Social Policy for Wester Hailes – produced (November) by WHRC


  •  2nd-7th September – “On Show to Let you Know” – Wester Hailes Info Week


  •  Working Group established (January) “…with the express aim of achieving the redevelopment of the centre” comprising representatives of Edinburgh District Council, Lothian & Edinburgh Enterprises Ltd (LEEL), the Scottish Office, the local community and the Resource Team of the Wester Hailes Partnership
  •  Formation of the Big Rep Council – combining the WHRC, LCC and the Neighbourhood Strategy

    photo from WHCHA newsletter May 1992

  •  First WHCHA housing project completed – 97 homes at Walkers estate on the site of three demolished tower blocks at Hailesland 


  •  Film – “Out of the Blue” – about a family living in Wester Hailes is premiered


  •  Second Wester Hailes Partnership Household Survey
  •  Community Housing Conference at Wiston Lodge (May) involving “representatives from all areas of Wester Hailes”
  • photo by Kevin Walsh 1994

     High rise blocks at Westburn and Wester Hailes Park & Drive demolished


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