From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Across The Years 4

We’ve put together a timeline of key events and decisions that shaped how the area was built, developed and altered across the decades.  This is part 4: 1985-1989.  Were you in Wester Hailes during these times?  We want the time line to reflect different people’s reflections and memories so if you think we’ve missed important information out, get in touch and let us know.


  •  A Sense Of History – a book on local history by Diana Sinclair is published
  •  Club 85 (community social club) opens


  • Wester Hailes Employment Initiative (WHEI) launched (November) comprising:
  • Wester Hailes Enterprises Ltd
  • Wester Hailes Opportunities Trust (WHOT) – January 1987
  • Wester Hailes Land & Property Trust (WHLPT) – November 1987
  • Wester Hailes Environmental Group- April 1988
  • The work of these four bodies being coordinated by umbrella organisation The Wester Hailes Initiative Coordinating Committee (WHICC).
  •  Wester Hailes the front story on TV national news re Edinburgh being the HIV capital of the western world. Pictures of young people using vacant flats as shooting galleries.


  • WHF First Report produced

    photo by Kevin Walsh 1992

  • WHOT SHOP opened (October)
  • WHRC Neighbourhood Strategy initiated -> development of the Neighbourhood Councils [or 1988?]


  • New Life for Urban Scotland – foreward by Sir Malcolm Rifkind
  • Wester Hailes Community Housing Association (WHCHA) set up
  • Wester Hailes Local Profile and Context Statement – Lothian Regional Council Department of Planning (November)
  • Changes & Choices in Housing in Wester Hailes – What do You Think? – consultation booklet produced by the Housing Strategy Group of WHRC


  • Wester Hailes Partnership (WHP) set up (May)
  • Pitlochry Affirmation – the community agreed the terms on which it would enter the Partnership
  • Local Edinburgh District Council housing office opened
  • Wester Hailes Partnership Household Survey
  • Community Housing Strategy – produced by the Housing Strategy Group of WHRP. Purpose: “…to produce a written housing strategy which would be the community view of how housing change should happen in Wester Hailes during the Partnership initiative and what kind of changes should take place.”
  • Children in Wester Hailes produced (December) by MC Economics Ltd

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