From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes


The Wester Hailes Association of Tenants produced a regular newsletter to promote what was happening in the area and to highlight local issues. 

Click here- 1974 WHAT News pages

In March 1974 they announced a new mini-bus and a new community centre for local use.  Other news included:

 The new shopping centre due to open in May 1974. 

 Information about local bus services

 A new rent office to be built between Hailesland Road and Hailesland Gardens

 Adverts show fierce competition between Tony’s Round House where 100 teabags cost 17½ pence as compared to The Minimarket where the same number cost only 12½ pence! 

 The copy we have of WHAT NEWS has not stood the test of time well and so is a bit faded in places.  We have removed one article which gave addresses and contact details for the committee members at the time.


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