From There… To Here

The social history of Wester Hailes

Across The Years 2

We’ve put together a timeline of key events and decisions that shaped how the area was built, developed and altered across the decades.  This is part 2: 1976-1979.  Were you in Wester Hailes during these times?  We want the time line to reflect different people’s reflections and memories so if you think we’ve missed important information out, get in touch and let us know.


  •  January – New post office opened in Wester Hailes – first to be built in the city for 30 years after mnay months of pressure from residents
  •  Wester Hailes: A Perspective of Community Needs – report produced by the Community Research Section of Edinburgh District Council Planning Department
  • May – Edinburgh’s first after school playgroup opened in Wester Hailes run by FISH’s Good Neighbours Scheme


  • April – Wester Hailes Speaks for Itself – report produced by local tenants associations, neighbourhood groups & FISH covering housing, education, health and social & community needs – 75 recommendations for improvements
  •  The Sentinel community newspaper started.

    © J. H. Millar 1992

  •  Plans made to build the Community Workshop
  •  The Adventure Playground (The Venchie) “slowly being developed by the tenants of Murrayburn”
  •  Wester Hailes Allotments Association started


  •  February – Only doctors’ surgery in Wester Hailes closed
  • First Wester Hailes Gala Day
  •  The Community Workshop including Cafe Venchie opened
  •  26th June – Job Centre opened in the shopping centre
  •  21st August – Wester Hailes Education Centre (WHEC) opened
  •  Hailes Action on Local Transport (HALT) formed “to lobby for an improved transport service for Wester Hailes”
  • November – Lease of 5 acres of land granted to Wester Hailes Allotments by Edinburgh District Council
  •  December – Campaign to Re-Align the Bypass (CRAB) launched


  •  Wester Hailes Development Advisory Committee (WHDAC) set up – evolving out of Scooby-Doo
  •  1st April – “Community Action – What Is it?” – conference convened by WHDAC in the WHEC
  •  Wester Hailes Community Shop opened (in the Community Workshop @ Hailesland Place)
  •  Community Health Action Group (CHAG) formed “to campaign for better health facilities in Wester Hailes, primarily the building of a new health centre”
  •  Venchie physical structure completed

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